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Marketing has been around since people started trading. At first, it was word of mouth. People told each other about the ones that were either the best or worst at trading. Technology has changed that through the ages. In the 21st century, we saw another great shift to digital marketing. So, where do you find the best digital marketing training in Hyderabad?


Digital marketing is a new version of an old term. It has been called things like inbound marketing. Basically, it is a term for the marketing methods that are used to target today’s audience. It targets online audiences. During digital marketing courses, you are taught to market to this audience using a variety of methods and across any electronic platform that they are using.

If digital marketing has been around for so long then why are people looking for training today? It is because the environment is always changing. This leaves businesses in need of people who understand all of the different techniques that must be used to create an effective digital marketing campaign.


We don’t just teach you skills and bid you farewell. One of the reasons that we are known as the top digital marketing course in Hyderabad is our service after you complete the course. We work with you to make sure that you find a placement. We also have a high success rate of graduate placement. After all, knowledge is power. But, that knowledge is only potential power. The power is not realized until you put it into action.

Certification Course in Digital Marketing

Students / Graduates

Marketing Professionals

Job Seekers


Web Designers / Developers



Corporate Trainers

Work at Home Moms

Business Owners


SEO Course Details

  • Is Digital Marketing Growing? If Yes.
  • How is it helpful for Online Marketers?
  • What is SEO and why is it important?
  • How Google Search Engine Works
  • How Results are displayed
  • Develop Keyword Research
  • What is Web Hosting
  • What is Web Hosting Control Panel
  • How to operate Web Hosting Control Panel
  • What is WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress


On Page SEO
  • The 3 elements of Meta Tag
  • Use Meta Robot Tag
  • Body Headline
  • page URL
  • Image
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Verify your business Listing in Google+
  • Website Loading Time
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sitemaps
  • Exact/Partial Match Domain
  • How Local Search Works
  • How to use Search Operators
  • Duplicate Content
  • Building Google XML Sitemap
  • Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool
  • Use NoFollow Tag
  • Search Friendly Design
  • Using URL Redirection
  • Really Simple Syndication(RSS)
  • 404 Page Error
  • SEO for Dynamic Content
Off Page SEO
  • How to link to External Sites
  • How Search Engine uses External Links
  • Relevance
  • Best Practices
  • Major Forms of Link Building
  • Change your approach
  • Blogging for SEO
  • Build a Content Calendar
  • Be a Resource
  • Get Social
  • Quality of Links vs Quantity of Links
  • Why Optimize Anchor Text
  • Find and acquire kink of competitors
  • Directory Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Usage of Social Media
  • How to use Online PR
  • PPC for SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Competitors Backlinks
  • Get real .edu & .gov
  • Broken link building
  • Social Media Integration
  • Tools to find 404 error’s


  • Introduction of WordPress
  • The Perfect Domain name
  • A First Look Around WordPress
  • WordPress Setting
  • Website Content With Pages And Posts
  • The Homepage
  • Creating Legal Pages
  • Website Navigation
  • WordPress Security
  • Free WordPress Plugins
  • Steps to Follow to Build a Website
  • Healthy Gut Buddies

Google Adwords

  • Introduction
  • Writing Killer Ads
  • All about Keywords- A Heartbeat of your Account
  • Account Structure
  • Setting up your AdWords billing
  • The Incredible Dynamics of the Adwords Auction
  • Expanding & Refining your Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords
  • Making your Ads UnstoppableWith Multiple Ads Extensions
  • Remarketing- Your Secret Weapon to Converting Like a Boss
  • Keep Track of Profits With Conversion Tracking
  • Profitable Bidding Stratergies
  • Using AdWords Script To Enhance Performance And Increase Optimization Speed
  • Conclusion

Social Media

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Basic Functions And Strategies For Success
  • Introduction of Facebook Advertising in 2016
  • Analyze Your Facebook Ads to Find What is Working Best
  • Work Most Effectively in the Power Editor to Split Test Targeting and Creatives
  • Facebook Page Like Ads for Both Global And USA Likes
  • Facebook Ad for a Guaranteed Win Using a YouTube Video Post Conversion Ad.
  • Facebook Audience How to Create and Use Audiences In Facebook Ads
  • Re-targeting Ads on Facebook Using Custom Audiences and a Pixel on Your Website
  • How a Local Business Can be Successful On Facebook With Ideas And Case Studies
  • Facebook Business Manager Introduction And Setup
  • Facebook Marketing Fundamentals from Creating a page to Making Great Posts
  • Getting Traffic And Conversions on your Website
Google Plus
  • Introduction
  • What is Google+
  • Why Use Google+ as a Personally and a Brand
  • Setting up Google+
  • The New User Interface Overview
  • The Stream
  • Collections
  • Communities
  • Google+ For your Business
  • Hashtags

Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Affiliate program
  • Keyword Research And Brainstorming
  • Affiliate Linking
  • More Traffic Tips
  • Affiliate Program Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Earn More

Web Analytics

  • Set up Google Analytics for Actionable Data
  • Analyze traffic Sources So You Can Get More Traffic To Your Website
  • Use Behavior Reports To Improve Visitor Retension And Conversion
  • Identify Primary Markets & Uncover New Ones with Audience Reports
  • Resolve Technical Errors Blocking Sales
  • Google Analytics Advanced

Note : Eligibility For This Course Is You Should Know How To Use Internet


We have years of experience in Online Marketing, SEO, ORM, Social Media Marketing, Web Development and as an SEO Consultant.



You actually get to see how we do it! We show you real-time implementation of the online marketing strategies on our actual clients.


We are currently providing Online Marketing / SEO services to 100+ USA, CANADA, INDIA based companies.



Our faculty has over 11 years of experience in the field, and you definitely understand experience brings out the best – so you get the best.


Course Duration45 Days
Course TimingsMON – FRI (10:30AM – 12:30PM)
Course FeeRs.12,000/-
Course Duration45 Days
Course TimingsMON – FRI (6:30PM – 8:30PM)
Course FeeRs.12,000/-